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waitforgravity said: 

Wow. I’m so glad I stopped caring about this show. What bullshit. :/

It is! I’m glad you dropped the show - seriously. It’s abysmal. I wish I could quit it, myself. I wish I had had the good sense not to pick it back up after the last time I stopped watching, because the show has not gotten any better. 

This arc has been one of the worst yet, but I might find myself stuck watching it just to see it all end. If they pull in another arc after that, though, I’m out. This is not a show designed to carry arcs.

Filed under While I'm complaing I also find it frustrating as ANYTHING that Christine's age leaps wildly I'm pretty sure she was an infant barely a season or two ago and now she's like 5? maybe older? and I get it TV time is different from real time but at LEAST drop us some other hints about time pasing because it's really confusing to look at that poor kid and go BUT YOU WERE AN INFANT TWO EPISODES AGO HOW ARE YOU WALKING AND TALKING NOW HOW DO THESE PEOPLE PAY BILLS DO THESE CASES REALLY MAKE THEM THAT MUCH MONEY or do they solve super mundane cases in between I DON'T CARE WHAT THE ANSWER IS JUST GIVE ME ONE

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queerashellandstuff asked: What ways can you think of that a high school character could be sent to an alternate dimension (where she meets an entirely different version of her), and what ways could she get back to her own dimension?


I am going to start off by saying that I’m not sure how her being a high school student has anything to do with anything, because this isn’t a technology that exists anywhere (as far as I know), so I’m going to answer more generally. Also, if you haven’t already done so, watching/read Inuyasha.

How she can get there:

Rift. I would define a rift as being any sort of accidental hole in (in this case) the wall between dimensions (or however you would like to define the boundary). It can be either man-made, a bit like in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday in Doctor Who, where it was a result of other work they were doing, or it can be natural. Either way, you could have it so when she gets too close/steps in/etc. the rift, she is transported.

Portal. I would define this as, as opposed to a rift, an intentional hole in the inter-dimensional wall. This can be like in Bleach where portals can be opened between the Soul Society and the human world to let (primarily) Shinigami through from one side to another. These portals can either have to be opened individually or can be permanently open, tied to location, a person, an object, or anything else that you want.

Spell. In this case, a spell, done however spells are done in your story, would send the person across to the other side. It can also be the accidental side-effect of a spell.

Ritual. This is essentially a longer, more in-depth spell. Usually these are either location-tied or object-tied, and may involve more than one person. They are also often time-tied, so they have to be done at a certain time of day/month/year. Full moons are frequently used for this but are entirely unnecessary. You can use whatever you want as long as it works in your story. Also, for both this and spells, one option is to make it so someone in each dimension needs to work simultaneously (assuming time runs concurrently or occasionally lines up between the dimensions) to make it work. This may happen especially if it is location-tied, because then there needs to be someone at the location on either end.

How she can get back:

The way she came. In this case, she would just go back the way she came. If it’s a ritual that requires someone on each side to do the work, she gets the person on her new side to contact the person on her old side to do it. If it’s a rift, she steps through the rift again.

A different way. For whatever reason, she might not be able to return the way she came. It may be a spell that only requires someone on one side, and she doesn’t know how to get to someone on this side. The portal may have closed. The rift may have been mended. If that happens, she would have to get back a different way. In that case, you would have to think of a different way for her to get back (find a different rift, find a new person to do the spell, open a new portal, etc.). If you go in this direction, it could be one of the major points of the story, her trying to find her way back home.

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Censorship: The government says, “No, you cannot publish that.”

Not censorship: Your consumers say, “No, I find this problematic and I will not buy it.”


Also not censorship: Your consumers say “All of you writers/artists need to stop doing the problematic thing if you want us to buy your product,” and encourage other consumers to say the same.

Also also not censorship: A fellow consumer of media says “Your arguments about how this is not problematic are wrong, and/or you are a jerk.”

(Arguably a form of censorship but not a violation of constitutional freedom of speech: the publisher / network / producer / website owner says “No, you cannot use my platform to say that.”)

And while I am pretty vehemently anti-censorship for a whole host of reasons, if you cite freedom of speech as a defense when called out for saying something repugnant, I will almost immediately take you a hell of a lot less seriously.

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