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I think we can all just agree that dragons are pretty cool…
But dragon designs in film and on television are so vanilla. Look! Look at what we could have! 

  1. Dragon Head - by “Veramudis
  2. I’m Fabulous -  by Katarzyna Marcinkowska “Grzanka" (Tumblr) 
  3. Dragon Mounts - by “V4m2c4
  4. Bluejay Dragon - by “Shinerai" (tumblr 1) (tumblr 2)
  5. Patterns- by “WhiteRaven" (tumblr) 
  6. Last Ones -  by “WhiteRaven(tumblr) 
  7. Classic Tabby Dragon - by Hillary Luetkemeyer “Hibbary
  8. Minty - by by “Shinerai(tumblr 1) (tumblr 2)

(Also these are all just incredible artists go shower them with attention.) 

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caffeinatednightowl asked: Any tips for making readers care about the characters in a first scene? I'm trying to get some of my stories published, and I know if you cannot get the reader to care about the character in the first scene, you are doomed.


No. You are not doomed. Apologies if this seems rude (I’m merely trying to explain): just like you don’t care about a random person the moment you meet them, you don’t (inherently) care about a character from the beginning either. You simply don’t, unless you have knowledge already of who they are (like it happens with fanfiction, for example).

You could and can make your readers have a good impression of your character/s, but making a step-by-step of this wouldn’t help you. It really depends. What you need to do is you take a look at your characters and see if they’re likable. What do you like about them? What are their qualities? They flaws? What part do they play in the story? In what way are they being introduced to the story or in what way do you want to introduce them? You must ask this for every single character, including the main one. 

You probably haven’t written the scenes where you introduce your characters. If you haven’t, do it. Then get feedback. If you have, get feedback. Sometimes you need outside help and that’s okay. That’s what beta readers and editors are for.

Introducing Characters

Developing Interesting Characters

Proactive vs Reactive Characters


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Kawaii! These little kitties aren’t just unbelievably cute, they’re also edible. They’re made by a Japanese mom named Caroline for Neko no Hi or Cat Day, which takes place each year on February 22nd.

Cat-shaped treats seem like a wonderful way to celebrate how much you like your feline friends. These treats are cat-shaped nerikiri, which is “a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing shiro-an (sweetened white bean paste) with gyuhi (made of glutinous rice, similar to mochi but softer).” Caroline sculpts her nerikiri cats and kittens into various sizes and poses and then uses edible dyes to add distinguishing markings and fine details. She even makes little accessories for them, like tea sets and pillows for extra-comfy lounging.

Based on the effort that goes into making these sweets, it seems likely that Caroline’s family probably has at least one real life cat of their own and we’re guessing it leads a wonderfully spoiled life.

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kitties to start your day better! :3


KITTIES _(:3 」∠)_


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