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True gender equality is actually perceived as inequality. A group that is made up of 50% women is perceived as being mostly women. A situation that is perfectly equal between men and women is perceived as being biased in favor of women.

And if you don’t believe me, you’ve never been a married woman who kept her family name. I have had students hold that up as proof of my “sexism.”

My own brother told me that he could never marry a woman who kept her name because “everyone would know who ruled that relationship.” Perfect equality – my husband keeps his name and I keep mine – is held as a statement of superiority on my part.

 Lucy, When Worlds Collide: Fandom and Male Privilege. (via feministartdegree)

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When somebody says, “I don’t think women should be raped for wearing short skirts, but what do they expect when they do go out like that?” what you are actually saying is that if a woman in a short skirt is raped, you will be less likely to hold her rapist culpable. Which makes a woman in a short skirt really appealing to a rapist. That’s something that you did. That’s not something the woman in the short skirt did, or something the rapist did. You made that woman a more comfortable target by making it clear that if she got raped, you would be less upset about it, less willing to see the rapist go to jail, less willing to support the woman.
Harriet J (via weltpokalsiegerbesieger)

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There is no such thing as a perfect book or a perfect story.
Every book in every library on this planet has something wrong with it. It could be something tiny. Maybe a minor character isn’t well drawn. Maybe a description goes on too long. Maybe the dialogue is stiff in one spot. There’s something wrong with every single one.
No matter how hard we writers try, we will never achieve perfection.
Perfection doesn’t mater No two readers would agree on whether our book was perfect anyway. Besides, readers care less about perfection and more about connection, getting caught up in a story, caring about the characters.
Gail Carson Levine (via writingquotes)

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so someone once called my old english teacher immature (because at this point he was spinning around on a wheely chair) and he said:

“Yeah, but the truth is we never really grow up. We just masquerade as adults because that’s what we’re expected to do.”

and to this day that is the single most profound thing i have ever heard uttered by someone dicking around on a swivel chair

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nothing makes a gamer more nervous than when the game autosaves in a seemingly harmless location

"this is an awfully convenient collection of healing items"

"why is all this ammo here"

"where did all the enemies go"

"This room has rather a lot of wide, open space in it." 

"The music stopped suddenly."

"No, there it is."

"….That’s an awful lot of bass."

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i will never be over helena harper being a revenge-driven heroine who shot her sister’s boyfriend in the leg when she found out he was an abusive dickbag

and totally reaped the professional consequences of that action

and also has no romantic story arc because she’s too busy taking care of her sister and saving the world

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Inspiration isn’t what gets your book written. Discipline is.

Inspiration is fickle: it shows up when you least expect it, all sexy and exhilarating and reminding you why you put your butt in that chair and turned off Tumblr and forced yourself to trudge through the valley of no-good, very-bad first drafts. Enjoy that inspiration while it’s there. Enjoy it thoroughly because it is rare and precious.

Just don’t expect it to show up every day. The only thing that needs to show up every day is yourself—and your determination to see this through to the end.

Malinda Lo, on writing with discipline. (via lettersandlight)

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